Upcomming pinstriping video

Should I do the pinstriping video with a funny twist or make it all serious? any ideas? the 3rd eye mind cam does look pretty darn serious and very high teck.


About Jeff Jefferies

Welcome to my official facebook fan page! What my various companies do is to visually communicate. This covers a wide spectrum, from street art to fine art and even engineering drawings. The street art company is tagged “Jeff Jefferies pinstriping” and encompasses custom pin striping, lettering and gold leaf. This street art communicates the vehicle owners quest for quality hand workmanship and a desire to stand out in a crowd. While at the same time, standing alone. This philosophy covers all my work, quality American workmanship all done by hand. The fine art includes pencil drawings, oil and acrylic paintings, tattoo design and more. My engineering contract company is called “CADD Line”. We take very old manual drawings and scan them into electronic format. CADD Line also provides on site drafting, design, engineering and document control personnel. CADD Line has contracted personnel and services to Reliant Energy, Edison, Washington Group and Genco. I have a passion for visual communications and am proud to be working in these areas. Many years of study, practice and perseverance have gone into my crafts. I believe the high level of quality will attest to this. I offer these services to you confident that the level of quality is unsurpassed. Feel free to contact me personally if I can be of service to you. Sincerely, Darrel “Jeff” Jefferies 805-340-7109
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One Response to Upcomming pinstriping video

  1. marshall says:

    hey man funny stuff> cant wait to see the film. like the way you got facebook and website linked> next visit mabe you can show me some network tricks..

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